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About OwnerShield

Ownershield came about when the founders asked the question “how do your create sustainable solutions to deal with ownership in South Africa, taking into account the extreme poverty that exists in this country.”. Pooling their collective 30 plus years in the auditing and black economic empowerment consultation industries together they launched Ownershield to tackle this problem

Not happy to encourage shotgun marriages between the wealthy black elite and white owned businesses, the founders looked at other possibilities that would fit in with a few guiding principles


Ownership is an emotional topic, but if a company is going to go down that route then the solution must be able to weather BEE norms and interpretations

Tax efficiency.

As compelling as it is to extend shareholding to a connected individual, company, trust or any other corporate vehicle; the company selling the shares is going to be subject to extra taxation, like Capital Gains Tax

Participation of new entrants.

All of us know how to own things, but few of us know how to own an asset that will grow in value. This is an extension of entrepreneurship and can be learned, but it also needs to be mentored and nurtured.


Where both parties can instigate termination proceedings without having to undergo an expensive and lengthy process.

Fully managed.

There are no extra administrative costs or processes with Ownershield. All ownership vehicles are managed by Ownershield, this includes all the BEE entities involved in the transaction.

Ownershield offers a dynamic range of ownership solutions that cater for all sizes of companies operating in South Africa. All solutions are based on a subscription model without a set up fee.

OWNERSHIELD FOCUSES ONLY ON OWNERSHIP SOLUTIONS. By engaging with us you can be assured that we will not regard you as fodder for other products.

We can custom design a solution that suits your individual needs.

Contact us and get started right away.